We are all about the sparkle...


We clean up to 3 stories high


Any building or storefront. One time only or monthly!

We are aLL about the SHINE!!!!

Whether we clean your windows or clean the house-we set our aim HIGH!

Its what we do...

Our Plan...

We can "Brighten your day" by cleaning your windows or MAKE your DAY by cleaning the rooms and floors. We are a full service cleaning company!

Ready for this?

BAM! ALL the CRAZY high glass you have NOW will be CLEAN!!!! We can be there once or twice a year!

Closing the deal

You know your job and we know OURS! Let our passion for cleaning make your house SHINE!


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Contact Us

Window Wizard

(570) 588-1180


Monday - Sunday: Anytime (just leave a message if we are not answering-we WILL return your call)